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Brand: Sandiline


Shirts No Dams were created in collaboration Sandiline and Leeway collective project Balkan Rivers Tour - Europe's largest river rescue operations, which took place between 16 April and 20 May. Fighting unnecessary stopping the last free flowing rivers of Europe, it is not finished, just it became even greater. Team Balkan Rivers Tour in the near future carried out many events that will raise awareness of people about the importance of conservation of these wild rivers, it will also be presented documentary The Undamaged, which will be the story of the destruction of the Balkan rivers due to corruption and money laundering introduced the world.

T-shirts are made entirely in the wider Balkan region, thus supporting the local production and sustainable way of development. With the purchase of t-shirts 5 EUR is donated by the team Balkan Rivers Tour, which will use the funds raised for further projects addressing these beautiful rivers, the animals that live there and local residents who are dependant on free flowing rivers.

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